Thursday, 22 May 2014

I have really got to get my sh!t together.

Right first off, I have one hell of an apology from yours truly, things at home and in other areas of my life have swamped me, although having said that I have been working my butt to the bone to get more work done, still it is in no way an excuse for not having posted for over four months, hence the posts title; anyway, I am ploughing on Quarantined has gone through some rewrites and re edits and will be available soon, along side that will eventually come DESIGNATED DECLASSIFIED, a series of standalone short stories and novellas ranging from a one thousand to thirty thousand words, the first three of which will be One Last Hurrah, detailing the rise and fall of Tony Baker, Derek's altruistic father, well I say altruistic, his hearts in the right place but he is more paranoid than a moonshiner during summer; following hot on the heels of that is the Kinkade file a hearty romp through what remains of the good Ol' U.S of A with Sarah Kinkade the former lover of our favourite tortured American Johnathan 'Hawk' Stabbler, and sister to Remy 'Crow' Kinkade; finally we come to Yellow brick road, I won't say much about this other than it picks up from a chapter in Quarantined and follows Solomon Kingsley and Angel as they carry out a mission that takes them far from the sides of their comrades and into the arms of some very dodgy situations.

Now along side all this I am proud to announce that I am also working on a collaborative piece with the brilliantly talented Tania Cooper (No relation but she is my best mate :-D ) that takes me so far out of my comfort zone I am having tea with Aslan, it's a high fantasy romance erotica, set to the backdrop of a war between heaven and hell and follows the trials of Albion a daemon Hunter charged with one singular goal, the Hunting and Execution of a group of Angels know only as Reclaimers, and Arianwen, a Reclaimer who seeks out the souls trapped in the no mans land of purgatory that sits on the waste lands between Eden and hell, who still show that spark of untainted purity within them.
As I say this is a whole new venture for me, never having written anything along these lines before, yes I have sexual scenes in Mists of Arwan, and yes that series is fantasy, but this has been one hell of an eye opener for me, also working along side another author is something that I have never even considered fully taking on until now, I have dabbled in it with a few other close literary friends but the projects never really got past the initial ideas stage, but now at 40 pages in and going strong Heavens Scent as we have named it is shaping up to be one hell of a fun yarn to work on, so I will keep you all apprised of its progress and how the lives of Albion and Ari are shaped by the world and the war that rages around them and if, faith and love can truly overcome the harshest of boundaries.

Finally, I want to close out this post with a few words of advice to you all and that is... Never listen to those that can only find the faults, they aren't the ones you want to have around you, the people that are truly worth listening to are the ones who not only find those faults, but bring with them ideas on how to correct them and temper the blows of anger and hurt with the good that shines through those cracks; I have since I started writing met dozens of new people, friends, colleagues and people who have become family to me, all of them have done exactly what I just said, brought to light the bad points but helped me to polish them out with new ideas and fresh ways of taking on a challenging chapter of plot point. These people don't just apply to the literary world, they can be anywhere, a teacher in school who shows you where you're going wrong and helps you to seek the right solution, a mate at work who helps you get the job done without running yourself a mischief; hell they could be your own parents or siblings, my point is help is there when you need it but you have to find it in the right people, you find the wrong ones and all you're going to get is burned, so be careful with who you choose to have around you, go for Quality because quantity will only weigh you down and make your dreams that much harder to reach.

Later days peeps


Friday, 3 January 2014

Damn things have been hectic.

Right, it's been a hell of a couple of months over here for me and my family.
So sorry to everyone for the massive gap between posts, it was in no way intentional, time and the world just caught up and I was either AFK, or just not at home all together.
The great news, Quarantined is now completed and with my editor, ends on a bit of an odd note if I am honest the original ending I had planned for it wouldn't have made sense at such an early point in the series, so that was cut in the final hours and a completely new one penned. I am happy with it and think it lends a solid TBC note to the second chapter of the Designated saga, but again, it will never have the emotional resonance of the original ending that I had wanted which will most likely now be added to book four once I get there.
In other news, I am now taking a small break from the main series and moving on to my tandem short stories and novellas which will bridge gaps and fill in blanks that would have made the initial books just far too long; I will be posting up a small chapter from the first one, "The Last Hurrah" in the next few days.
Secondly I am also branching out into classic horror with "The Play Room." a small tightly wound tale about Martin an eight year old boy and the vicious matriarchal "Nanny" governess of the house in which he lives. It's a story dripping in venom and cold fear that is slowly steeped in the classic charm and withering irre of the victorian era, again a small excerpt of that is to follow in the next couple of days.

So that's about where we are with it all, life has been hectic but I haven't been lazy my dictaphone app and note book have been getting a regular workout, as I have been going about correcting, arresting and averting all the maladies that have befallen my small family in recent months.
And that as they say is that.

I shall endeavour to keep you all abreast of all that is happening in my little world and the ever expanding universe that my books are weaving, till then people, I shall say Adieu.

And don't forget.

pop in and say hi once in a while, I don't bite.


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sorry, sorry, sorry. (Runs in and lines up with the rest of the Storm Troopers)

Right first off guy's and girl's sorry for my absence, it has been a weird time in my little part of the world. things have been bouncing off the walls, not literally of course, but may as well have been; I have been hacking away at DQ slicing out segments that really didn't fit where I had them and generally turning my book into a jigsaw puzzle. Along side that we have my short horror story, The Playroom, and In the name of honour, running concurrently.
As well as all those we have The last Hurrah, my opening salvo into the Broadhead: Designated: Declassified series. It's a motley collection of short stories and Novellas, (ranging from free to about sixty five pence) that fill in gaps and add to or pad out sections of the books that for one reason or another were left out or not included.
Hell if I included every thought and side story for the Designated series that I have bouncing in my head, each book would be not too shy of two hundred thousand words, and thats not an exaggeration either.
Anyhoo, I just wanted to stop by and let you all know I haven't forgotten about you all and am still working away at the grindstone, but like most things life just keeps poking it's nose in and interfering.

Catch you later guy's. Oh and as a little apology here is a minor excerpt from The Playroom (WIP)

The Play Room.

Martin stared at the door, it's polished brass knob glinting in the light of the gas lamps on the wall behind him. He knew nanny would be cross, possibly tan his buttocks, but like any curious eight year old, he had to know.
His hand reached forth, trembling as he neared that polished brass sphere, he licked his lips, their dry and slightly flaky surface plucking at his tongue as he perched on his tip toes leaning ever closer to the handle and the room beyond it.
His fingertips brushed the cold luminescent orb, ovals of condensation spreading out from his heated skin as he closed his fist around it.
'What on earth are you doing child?'
He snatched his hand away, clutching it behind his back, jumping two feet backwards, fright coursing through him as he stared at his feet.
Her bosom filled bulk stomped down the carpeted hallway, her foot falls echoing Martins pounding heart. He caught her advance out the corner of his eye, the starched white pinafore and black house dress doing nothing to lessen her imposing size.
He braced himself for the onslaught to come, nanny's cardinal rule was never to go near the last room on the landing, and Martin knew that he wouldn't be lying his way out of this one.
'Nothing my eye, come here young man.'
Her calloused, podgy finger ensnared his right ear twisting it ever so slightly, Martin squealed in pain as he found himself hauled back down the corridor.
'What have I told you about going near that room, the master doesn't want anyone in there!'
She yanked upwards on his ear making him squeal once more as they neared the top of the stairs.

'Nanny, I'm sorry, I am ever so sorry, please let go Nanny please.'

Monday, 23 September 2013

Excerpt Designated Quarantined: Royal command (RAW)

                                                                  July 7th 2013
                                                              Buckingham Palace

Baker stood still and immobile with Colinson; backs ramrod straight, eyes forwards as they waited, the gilt hallways and framed paintings staring down at them as they waited to be called forth. The two stewards at the doors barely made eye contact as they turned as one and reached for the handles, they swung open with an echoing clunk as they two men pulled the gargantuan slabs of gilded oak open and stepped aside as the two officers were called forth.

Their feet echoed off the marble floor, reverberating over the pair as they reached the second set of doors, the clack of heels and a bowed head left them stood as the door was opened and they ushered forth into a small brightly lit study, the warmth and homeliness left them both slightly wrong footed as they watched the small stoop shouldered figure at the desk. A corgi perked up at the entrance of the two men as they waited just beyond the door way, its ears pricked and eyes watchful as a small growl lefts its throat.
A tap of one flat soled shoe quieted the discord from the animal as She turned to face her two guests, the envelope on her desk sealed with a monogrammed wax stamp the furrowed wax drawing Bakers eye as he stood motionless in the doorway.

'Enter gentlemen, you are here at my behest and no one else’s. Please in these confines I do not stand on formality, make yourselves comfortable we have much to discuss.'
Baker stood his back ridged and eyes forwards as he watched Colinson from the corner of his eye, David pulled a small Shaker styled chair from besides the desk and sat oblivious to Bakers immobility. Glancing up he caught Derek's eye as he stared forwards his eyes fixed on the small rose bud lost in midst of the swirling floral pattern that adorned the wall before him. A small chill ran through him as he realised just what he had done.

A smile teased at her lips as she watched Colinson freeze his bent form mere inches from the plump cushion beneath him, her eyes settled on Baker as she smoothed out the wrinkles in her mauve dress, the wash of perfectly styled hair framing her features as she gazed evenly at both men.
'Be seated gentlemen.'
Derek sat, smoothly unbuttoning the bottom button of his jacket as he did so. The chair beneath him creaked slightly as he settled into the aged seat, its time worn joints stretching even under his slim frame he coughed slightly clearing his throat as he took a second to arrange his thoughts.
'Ma'am, we need to discuss the current situation and what we are putting in place in terms of evacuation contingencies.'
Her eyes wavered for the briefest of moments as she stared at Derek and Colinson's slightly bashful form, the tinge of embarrassment still plain on his features.
'Well gentlemen, what are we to do, this nation is in a state of crisis and we are spread too thin to do much of anything about it, couple that with the fact we have people within our own ranks striving to kill one another for the sake of their sexual preference, well, I fail to see how Broadhead is able to accomplish what my great grandmother set out to do all those years ago when this vile affliction first reared its head.'
Derek's eyes widened, as his commander and chief spoke, the look of amusement that danced in her eyes spoke volumes as Baker fought to wipe the look of utter astonishment from his features.
'Yes I do know what you were told about Broadhead's origins and for a brief period that was its purpose, the elimination of dissidents and those that threatened the crowns rule, but it has and always will be the subjugation and elimination of the plague that is now ravaging the free world. My Great Grandmother only carried on the orders lain down by ancestors so far back that the house Saxe-Coburg and Gotha or Windsor as it is now known, was but a distant dream of people yet to be born. Castle and fortifications for one thing were not always the bastion of the wealthy and places to ride out the ravages of war. Although they did start out that way, they became havens for the healthy, rich and poor alike, during times of infestation, when the Infected or whatever they were called at time, appeared. Lords, lady’s, paupers and peasants would flee to these great stone monoliths and pray in subjugated comfort for the passing of this vile affliction. I know gentlemen that I for one, will not stand by and watch all that the people of this country and my own family have fought, died and bled to build, crumble to dust. While there is breath in my body I will defend all this nation stands for and I hope I can count on you to do the same.'

Both men stayed mute as the door opened and a porter entered bearing a tray porcelain cups and saucers. With astute silence he set them down on the desk top and poured a measure of milk into the cup before adding the steaming brown liquid , the swirling mist of steam boiled over the lip of the cup as he set cup and saucer on the small table at the queens right.
Baker held up a hand at the questioning glance from the porter as he silently motioned with the teapot, Colinson nodded as he turned his attention to the Queen.
'Ma'am I can assure you that all here and at Broadhead will gladly lay down all to defend home and country, but if we are being completely candid it will not be for something trivial.'
An eyebrow rose as she lifted the cup to her lips and sipped at the steaming brew within, the soft blue floral pattern complementing everything around it. Baker smiled to himself as he listened to Colinson's words slowly drift into silence as he waited for her reply.
The soft clink of cup on saucer lapped at the edges of their minds as the wait extended forwards, dragging on for a few moments as she dabbed her lips with a small cotton napkin.
'I should certainly hope not Captain, it is rather hard having to hand pick the command staff for the unit, although I must say you are doing extremely well after losing Captain Pottergate and Captain Grissom in such a short time period, I know five years is not what one would call short but in the scheme of things it's fairly brief. But with what you have accomplished since you both took charge of the unit, well, let us say that I am glad to see my trust was well placed when I partnered you with each other.'
Baker tensed slightly as the memories tried to beat their way to the surface of his mind, driving it back into the iron coated depths of his soul he coughed slightly into his fist and shifted his weight before once more tuning in to what was being said.
'The situation as Parliament and the rest of government present it, is not one that really engenders itself to being conducive to actually being alive for any given amount of time, although as I understand it your head of research has been rather helpful in understanding the vectors of transmission and the rate of infection, but has not presented any way of counteracting the effects in any real form. Have I got that right?'
Baker nodded as he shifted his gaze about the room, the soft scent of perfume pinching the air as he sniffed softly. The fine almost tender fragrance teasing his nostrils as he drew in a slow even breath through his nose. A small smile glimmered for a moment as he let it settle in him.
He chuckled softly to himself as images danced through his mind, unbidden scenes that made him want to leap from the chair and whist away the two people he would give anything to have with him at the moment.
'Do you find something amusing Lieutenant?'
Baker flushed red slightly as sat up slightly straighter.
'No ma'am, just scent memory rearing its ugly head at a rather inopportune time.'
Her eyebrow arched sharply as continued to gaze at Derek lifting the cup from the table at her elbow once more she sipped gently as she regimented her thoughts.
'Very well gentlemen shall we dispense with the obligatory dance and get down to brass tacks, tell me, just how bad is the situation and can we find anyway to survive it moderately intact?'
Derek and Colinson cast a glance in each others direction before in near unison replying.
'Bad and no ma'am there isn't.'
She nodded, rising to her feet, smoothing her skirt as she watched both men snap to attention, their postures perfect as they waited for her next move. Turning with a poise born of years of practice, she waved her hand gently her voice although weathered and tired still possessed the power and authority of youth.
'Be seated gentlemen, I know this usually entails pomp and circumstance, but given the situation and the gravitas of it all we can dispense with it for now.'
She withdrew from a draw in her desk two sealed envelopes, and turning back to Derek and David held them out, each sealed with a red circle of wax, the thick disc emblazoned with raised imprint of the Queens royal seal. As their hands closed over them she continued to speak.
'Within these two envelopes you will find your new ranks and insignias, along with all documentation countersigned by myself and Lieutenant General Bradshaw, it seemed only fitting given the rise in strength and manpower within Broadhead in the last eight months. So gentlemen if that is all, I bid you good day.'
Baker and Colinson both stood before bowing and turning to the door, as a footman held it open, ushering them from her majesty’s presence.

This (RAW) excerpt from In the name of Honour is NOT for kiddies.

The cloth and timber door slapped against the frame as I watched Caren'th slip through after me, the sway of her hips drawing my eye even as she began the slow, methodical task of unfurling herself from the leather that sheathed her form.
My blood hummed through my ears as I felt the on rush of lust mingling with my primal need, I understood long ago why my kin consider the blood rite a curse, even now as I stared upon the pale maiden who owned my heart in her bare and buxom beauty the need to satiate myself within her and the feast of her was something that I could only just contain. Her hips swaying and blond tresses clinging to her sweat slicked skin Caren'th smiled as she knelt at my feet pushing my knees apart as she let her fingers dance over the drawstring of my britches, I could feel my girth rising within the confines of its slowly opening prison as I cast an eye to my sword and armour sitting in the chair next to the stained bed.
The forge born brat below had promised us the best room in the house, best in the house my backside, this was only barely tolerable, if it wasn't for the fact I was soon to be otherwise engaged, the soot streaked idiot below would meet the raw end of my ire.
All thoughts of anger and malice fled from me as I felt myself springfree and a pair of soft plump lips ensnare me whole, by all that was holy and righteous I could not fathom what had so vexed me about the place, for at that very second I could think of nothing more than the sweet delight of Caren'th's lips as they slipped along my swollen length.
I groaned a deep guttural growl rising from the depths of my chest as I ensnared her hair in my hand, I felt the smooth slip of her tongue as it skimmed over the velvet end of my girth, the heady warmth of her welcoming mouth driving me to ends of bliss I hadn't felt in many a moon cycle. The familiar tightening filled my man sock as I pulled her to her feet trapping her lips with my own as I shed my under shirt letting it fall where it may.

Once more my hands found their way to the plump and firm globes of her buttocks, my fingers teasing at her cleft as I lifted her from the floor, the warmth of her sex pressing into my stomach as lowered us both to the bed, her feet skimmed my hips as she hooked the waistband of my britches as she pulled them over my legs an impish glint in her eye as she wrest the from off my feet, the heavy thump of their passage to the floor lost in her sirens moan as I guided myself into her silken folds.
She parted like the seas as I slowly inch by inch made my way between her maidens cloth, I felt her nails bite into the skin of my back as sank her teeth into my shoulder, how I had missed the feel of her on my skin, she folded herself around me as I delved deeper into her hidden depths. The tight warmth that en-rapt me so made everything else seem pale and wane in comparison, I drove my his forwards spearing into her to my hilt as she pulled me down on top of her, I gazed down into her golden eyes as she smiled, the taint of my blood on her bottom lip from her frenzied bite. Once more I was drawn to her, my lips locking with hers as I speared into her again and again, with a force will I only ever found with her I forced the tightness that gripped me to recede, my man sock slackening ever so slightly.
The room filled with her gasping serenade as my own guttural growl filled my throat, I felt the hackles on the back of my neck rise as I thrust deeper into her, the bed frame groaning beneath us as she dug her nails deep into the flesh of my shoulders as she wailed beneath me, I dove forth my lips and teeth ensnaring one of her plump teats, her breath catching in her throat as I drew it into my mouth. I swirled my tongue along the dimpled flesh as I teased it with my teeth, the taste of her flesh filling me as I let it slip from my lips, her breast swaying as I planted a dancing trail of warmth along her chest, her eyes glittering with lust and fire as I snatched her other teat into my mouth drawing it deeper between my lips, the soft nib tickling my tongue as I suckled on her breast.
Letting it free from my grasp I seized Caren'th round the waist lifting her from feather filled cushion beneath us as I sat back on my heels, my girth driving deeper into her as grinned at me, the smile lighting her eyes ablaze as I felt the tightening return kissing my way along her shoulder and neck I groaned into her ear.
Caren'th leant back drawing me into her as I felt myself release into her, my seed spilling forth as I laid forth my lifes waters into her willing maidens soil, she let out a piercing cry as I buried my face into her bosom, the scent of her sex and sweat filling my senses as I continued to pour myself into her.
Spent and gasping we tumbled sideways, my girth still ensnared with her as it twitched with the beating of my heart, I cradled her against me as she toyed with the hair covering my chest the warmth of skin like the rays of the Dunandum sun, even as the rains that battered the walls around us continued to fall.
With our bodies entwined I felt her heart slow as she slipped into a fitful but sated sleep, even as she slumbered next to me and my body ached for rest my mind continued unabated, images dancing behind my eyes as I stared at the thatched roof above my head and thin line of a spiders web as it shimmered in the watered out moonlight coming in through the open window.

With the clashing of steel on steel ringing in my ears I closed my eyes and let the memories wash over me, as my soul mate slumbered in my arms.


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Delays, Delays and oh more delays.

Well, I have been one lax bunny of late, for that I apologise most profusely, but, (yes there is a but) it isn't all of my own doing.
      I was recently made to jump through hoops by the IRS and their convoluted system of random gnomes and widgets, all in my pursuit of an ITIN so that said governmental agency doesn't rip the floor out from under me in their levies of international transactions.
      On top of that, there has been a fair bit of upheaval amongst my loving family unit, happy upheaval but it has drawn me away from things for quite awhile, thus the lack of updates for over a month.
Anyways, it hasn't been totally fruitless, I have an update for Honour for you all to peruse although it is not one for the little ones to read, so I would say no one under 14 should really read it.
      As well as Designated Quarantined now being sat firmly on the short side of 94'000 words, and will be now over the next week and its following months climbing ever higher until I hit what I feel is the climax of this installment. I tell you all now that I have no clue as to when that will be and Honour may well be up and running before Quarantined, that how big Designated Volume Two is becoming.

So as I keep saying let me know what you all think, message me on facebook, comment on here, email me at I thrive off of what you guys tell me and above all if you have read Infected, REVIEW, let me know what you thought of my flagship novel and its cast of motley men and women.

Until next time.